This page is reflective of the the Appropriations Committee’s decision and does not reflect the entire Student Assembly’s opinion.

Appropriations Committee's Decision on Cornell Cinema

Cornell Cinema requested an undergraduate subsidy of...


which means an...


subsidy per movie ticket.

But because you would also have to pay $6.50 per ticket* on top of that, then...


is the cost to undergraduates per movie ticket at Cornell Cinema

However, the true total cost per movie is...


for one person to see a movie at Cornell Cinema

Cornell Cinema uses


of their budget on wages

* As noted in Cornell Cinema's funding packet (available below)

So what is this all about?

For over twenty years, the Cornell Cinema has been subsidized by Student Activity Fee. After ongoing discussion and a 6-hour debate on Monday, October 30th, 2017, the Student Assembly Appropriations Committee voted to completely divest Cornell Cinema of Activity Fee funding.

Who is paying for this?

You are paying for the requested $8.50 per year. This is coming out of your pocket. Each year, every undergraduate student each pays a Student Activity Fee of $241 in addition to their tuition (click to check). Cornell Cinema is requesting that we fund their operations by charging each undergraduate student an additional $8.50 per year (from the Student Activity Fee). If you do watch movies at the Cinema, you are paying the ticket fee in addition to the activities fee you pay each year. 

Why did the Appropriations Committee make this decision ?

  • The Cornell Cinema is unsustainable: Over the past few years, the Cornell Cinema has failed to comply with formal and informal requests of the Assembly to improve its efficiency
  • Student Activity Fee funding is going toward staff wages
  • The Cinema receives 70% of its funding from other sources and has the potential to receive additional funding from the Administration and School Deans
  • The exorbitant cost per attendee (price of ticket + subsidy = $18)
  • The cost is high even for people who do not watch movies at the Cinema
  • The Administration must stop pushing costs onto the student body

Here are the details...

Take a look

Read Appropriations' funding decision

This is the Appropriations Committee's rationale for the funding decision. Confused about what you're looking at? Here are some suggestions on where to start.

Bottom of page 1, the footnote explaining Cornell Cinema's cost structure

Page 3, the Committee's unanimous decision to reject funding at $8.50

Read Cornell Cinema's funding packet

The funding packet details the Cornell Cinema's rationale for their funding request. Confused about what you're looking at? Here are some suggestions on where to start.

Financial statement on page 10, listing Cornell Cinema's income sources and expenses

You may still have some questions

Thank you for taking part in shared governance

The Student Assembly acts in the Cornell undergraduate student body's best interests.

Regardless of whether or not the Student Assembly decides to decrease funding for Cornell Cinema, we would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to read what we have to say on this issue.

We appreciate your contribution to shared governance.