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SA stands against racism

The Student Assembly stands firmly against the recent acts of anti-Semitism which are meant to intimidate, threaten, and dehumanize our peers. Every student should feel safe walking around our campus. We stand with the Jewish community at Cornell.

Given recent racist, radical nationalist, and xenophobic acts on our campus, we are saddened to say that we are not surprised. Nonetheless, anti-Semitism, racism, radical nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and other discriminatory –isms and –phobias will not be tolerated on our campus. Neo-Nazis belong nowhere near our campus, and students deserve to see justice. Without justice, there will be no peace.

We will be in contact with our friends in the Jewish community and will take steps to support all students who need it at this time, and at times like these in the future. To communicate with the SA, contact any representative.

The SA calls on the Judicial Administrator to investigate this as a possible violation of the Campus Code of Conduct and to apprehend the responsible individuals accordingly.

Support services are available to all members of the Cornell community. Students may consult with counselors from CAPS 24/7 at 607-255-5155. Students can also speak with a peer counselor by calling Cornell EARS at 607-255-3277 or by walking-in on the 2nd floor of Willard Straight Hall.
Lets Talk is an additional service offered by Cornell Health: https://health.cornell.edu/…/counseling-psychiatry/lets-talk

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