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SA launches investigation into printing policies at Cornell

The newly established Cornell Student Assembly Task Force on Net-Print System Reform (abbreviated NSR-TF) aims to combine efforts of the Cornell University Student Assembly and the Residential Student Congress to tackle issues regarding the Net-Print system at Cornell, mainly with respect to its pricing scheme, accessibility, and environmental sustainability.

As the survey results published on The Cornell Printing Report indicate, Cornell students generally agree that something needs to be done with the Net-Print system, but making changes to printing policies is a complicated issue.

The Task Force aims to answer questions like, “How do we reduce printing costs for students while also being environmentally sustainable”? or “How can we increase printer accessibility for students who don’t live on North or West campus”?

We want to reduce student financial burden by developing a revised pricing structure for Net-Print printing fees by researching measures such as lowering the price of duplex printing, which also improves environmental sustainability, or introducing a limited amount of free printing credits for all undergraduate students.

The Task Force will be keeping in mind the environmental consequences of revisions to the printing policy, and encourage Cornell to use FSC-certified 100% recycled paper and guide its faculty to receive online submissions for assignment, thereby reducing the demand for printing in the first place.

Learn more about the movement for a better printing system at Cornell. Visit the official website of the Cornell Student Assembly Task Force on Net-Print System Reform.