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Student Assembly on the recent assault incident

As Cornellians, we must defend and protect each other’s right to belong on this campus, our campus, despite and because of our differences. Last night’s incident is the most recent in a series of attacks to minority students on campus. It is a reflection of America and it is a reflection of Cornell. Students should…

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SA issues condolences on the death of Tina Tian

After a long semester, it is with a heavy heart that the Student Assembly writes this message. On Wednesday we lost a student who contributed so much to our campus. Tina Tian was a senior studying material sciences and engineering. She was an active member of Professor Grace Xing’s lab. Our Cornell community grieves with…

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SA stands against racism

The Student Assembly stands firmly against the recent acts of anti-Semitism which are meant to intimidate, threaten, and dehumanize our peers. Every student should feel safe walking around our campus. We stand with the Jewish community at Cornell. Given recent racist, radical nationalist, and xenophobic acts on our campus, we are saddened to say that…

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