Co-Sponsorship Request

In order to receive a reimbursement for co-sponsorship requests, you must complete three steps. First, you must fill out the Co-Sponsorship Request Form detailing the project. You are most likely to receive funding if you submit the request at least 2 weeks in advance.
You should hear back from the SA Appropriations Committee within a week regarding the status of your request. If approved, you will move to step two: presenting in front of the committee on the upcoming Monday. You should be ready to answer questions regarding the appeal to all undergraduates, diversity and inclusion, responsible planning, and a lack of other applicable funds.
The SA Appropriations Committee should inform you of the status of your request within one week of the presentation. If your request is fulfilled, you may either contact the Office of Assemblies, asking them to make a purchase on your behalf, or make a purchase on your own, keep a receipt, and visit the Office of Assemblies on your own time for a reimbursement.
Any advertising material for an accepted project must credit the Cornell Student Assembly as a co-sponsor and incorporate the logo.
If you have any questions or approaching a close deadline, please reach out to the current SA President, Executive Vice President, and Vice President for Finance.