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Investigative Committee on Stewardship in IT Governance and Campus Printing System

Get refunds for misprinted pages.

Experiencing half-printed pages or printed pages being crumpled up by the Net-Print printer?

Did you know that you can ask the lab or printer administrators for a refund for misprinted pages?

Cornell IT or the Net-Print administrators currently do not provide a centralized form for requesting refunds for misprinted pages, but the Cornell Student Assembly Task Force on Net-Print System Reform has compiled a list of web forms you can use or email addresses you can contact to request a refund for misprinted pages.

Cornell Print Services printers

  • Africana Studies - 1st Floor
  • Catherwood - ILR (left & right)
  • Kroch - Basement & 1st Floor reading room
  • Library Annex
  • Lincoln - 2nd Floor
  • Malott Math
  • Mann Library - 1st Floor (left & right)
  • Myron Taylor Law
  • Olin - Basement Level - CO & PC
  • Olin - 4th & 5th Floor
  • Sage - 1st Floor (left & right)
  • Sage - 2nd Floor
  • Sibley - Basement B56 (left & right)
  • Uris - Austin and Main Room
  • Vet School - 2nd Floor

Solution: Cornell Print Services has a web form that you can fill out to request refunds.

Olin and Uris libraries

Solution: Olin and Uris libraries have a web form that you can fill out to request refunds.

Physical Sciences Building (PSB)

Solution: Email copies@cornell.edu.

Not listed here?

Help us help more students. Let us know which locations to add to this list by filling out this form.

This is the state of printing at Cornell.

We heard your concerns that the Net-Print system at Cornell is expensive or difficult to use. And now we're fixing it.

A few months ago, we collected responses from 641 undergraduate students on their experience with the Net-Print system, and now we're sharing the results with you.

Cornell Printing Report excerpt -

Read the Cornell Printing Report and learn more about how our printing system compares to printing systems at other Ivy League institutions.

Did you know that...

4 out of 8 Ivy League schools provide students with free printing credits?

The costs of printing a double-sided sheet of paper at Cornell in B&W is the highest among Ivy League schools that do not offer free printing credits?

In sustainability metrics for office paper purchasing, Cornell is behind Princeton -- even though Princeton provides its students with 5,400 sides of B&W free printing credits?

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